Hairdressing Umbrella Cloak: Stylish DIY Haircut Protection

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Style: Silver

Hairdressing Umbrella Cloak: Stylish DIY Haircut Protection

Key Features:

  • Convenience: Perfect blend of convenience and functionality
  • DIY Haircuts: Keeps surroundings clean during at-home haircuts
  • Shaving Barrier: Prevents hair and foam stains during shaving
  • Cleaning Protection: Ensures spotless clothes while cleaning hair tools
  • Unique Design: Umbrella shape for ease of use
  • Portable: Highly portable for on-the-go styling needs
  • Affordable: One unit meets all styling needs at an affordable price
  • Stain Shield: Shields clothes from stains and damage during hairdressing
  • Home and Salon Use: Suitable for both home and salon environments
  • Practical: Essential accessory in your personal grooming kit

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