Hair Fluffy Powder: Root Cover & Volumizer - Instant Coverage & Volume

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Hair Fluffy Powder: Root Cover & Volumizer - Instant Coverage & Volume

Product Description:

  • Hair Fluffy Powder - Instant Hair Root Cover Up and Volumizer
  • Instant Coverage: Achieve black, blonde, or dark root cover-up in seconds
  • Volumizing Effect: Add volume and thickness to thinning hair effortlessly
  • Natural-Looking Results: Conceal white hair and fill in the hairline for a seamless finish
  • Temporary Hair Color Solution: Perfect for light, dark, or black roots
  • Easy Application: Apply in under a minute with no damage to your hair
  • Long-Lasting: Enjoy a lasting color that blends naturally with your hair
  • Safe and Gentle: Formulated to be safe for all individuals, including those with high hairlines
  • Versatile: Available in 13 different colors to match various hair shades
  • Experience the ultimate solution for root cover-up and volume with the Hair Fluffy Powder. Whether you need to touch up your roots, add volume to your hair, or conceal white hairs, this powder offers a quick and effective way to enhance your hair's appearance. With its gentle formula and natural-looking results, this product is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve a flawless hairstyle effortlessly.

Root Cover


Instant Coverage

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Style: Gray

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