White Ribbed Knit Backless Halter Top: A Chic Confidence Boost

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Color: black
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White Ribbed Knit Backless Halter Top: A Chic Confidence Boost

Allure Collection: White Ribbed Knit Halter Top with Backless Design Comfort and style blend: Experience the perfect mix in this halter top. Contemporary design: Tailored for the modern woman with a unique style. Statement piece: Not just clothing, but a symbol of confidence. Backless allure: Adds a touch of sexiness to the chic look. Ribbed knit finish: Provides a sophisticated and stylish texture. High Stretch: Ensures a comfortable and flexible fit. Broadcloth Fabric: Durable, breathable, and comfortable cotton-polyester blend. Solid Pattern: Versatile for various outfit combinations. Sexy & Club Style: Ideal for both night outs and casual days. Short Length: Trendy cropped design keeping you up-to-date. Enhance your wardrobe with this White Ribbed Knit Halter Top from our Allure Collection.

Key Features:

  • Backless Design
  • Ribbed Knit Finish
  • High Stretch
  • Broadcloth Fabric
  • Solid Pattern
  • Sexy & Club Style
  • Short Length
  • Durable & Breathable
  • Contemporary Design
  • Statement Piece


  • Comfortable and Flexible Fit
  • Sophisticated and Stylish Texture
  • Versatile for Various Outfit Combinations
  • Ideal for Night Outs and Casual Days
  • Enhances Confidence and Style
  • Chic and Stylish Look
  • Elegant and Sexy Design
  • Modern and Trendy Fashion
  • Ensures Breathability
  • Provides Comfort in Movement
  • Easy to Style and Pair

Find this White Ribbed Knit Halter Top on Beautylum: Backless Design, Ribbed Knit Finish, High Stretch, Broadcloth Fabric, Solid Pattern, Sexy & Club Style, Short Length, Durable & Breathable, Contemporary Design, Statement Piece

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