Dental Prophy Brush Set: Efficient Stain Removal & Polishing Kit

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Dental Prophy Brush Set: Efficient Stain Removal & Polishing Kit

Experience efficient stain removal and polishing with the Dental Prophy Prophylaxis Brush Set with RA Shank. This pack includes 100 white nylon polishing brushes designed for:

  • Stain Removal: Efficiently removes stains for a cleaner finish
  • Surface Preparation: Prepares the surface for sealant and orthodontic work
  • Disposable Design: Screw Style Tapered Type for convenience
  • Professional Polishing: Ideal for achieving thorough teeth polishing results
  • Oral Hygiene: Promotes healthier teeth and maintains oral hygiene
  • Precision: Ensures precision in stain removal and polishing tasks
  • Compatibility: RA Shank 2.35mm ensures compatibility with dental equipment
  • Convenience: Convenient disposable design for easy use
  • Efficiency: Enhance your dental procedures with efficient stain removal
  • Quality: Designed for professional dental applications, ensuring high-quality results

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Style: Mixed-100pcs

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