Vintage High Waist Zip Skort Shorts: Retro & Contemporary Fashion Blend

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Vintage High Waist Zip Skort Shorts: Retro & Contemporary Fashion Blend

Key Features:

  • Vintage Fashion: A blend of retro and contemporary styles
  • High Waist Design: Flattering silhouette with a vintage touch
  • Side Zipper: Convenient for easy wear and removal
  • Quality Material: Polyester blend for comfort and durability
  • Flattering Fit: Regular fit for a perfect look
  • Versatile Wear: Suitable for all seasons and occasions
  • Unique Design: Stand out with a unique pareo-style shorts skirt
  • Comfortable: Stylish yet comfortable to wear
  • Modern Touch: Perfect fusion of retro vibes with a contemporary feel
  • Fashion Statement: Make a bold statement with your style


  • Stylish: Enhance your fashion game with a unique piece
  • Comfortable: Feel at ease while looking trendy
  • Versatile: Wear it for various occasions and seasons
  • Quality: Made from durable materials
  • Flattering: Highlight your curves with the high waist design
  • Convenient: Easy to wear with the side zipper feature


Step out in style with our Vintage High Waist Zip Skort Shorts, a perfect combination of retro charm and contemporary flair. Make a fashion statement and embrace a unique style that sets you apart.


Designed for both style and comfort, these skort shorts offer a versatile wear option for any occasion. The high waist design and side zipper add convenience while the quality material ensures a lasting piece in your wardrobe.

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Color: as picture
Size: M

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