Sheer Mesh Elegance Turtleneck Top: Bold & Stylish Women's Tee

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Color: black
Size: S

Sheer Mesh Elegance Turtleneck Top: Bold & Stylish Women's Tee


Sheer Mesh Elegance Turtleneck Top allows you to make a bold fashion statement.


Stay fashionable with the slim fit and transparent design of this women's tee.


Exude elegance with the sheer mesh long sleeve turtleneck top.


Wear this top with confidence and showcase your stylish side.

slim fit

Enjoy the slim fit of this versatile turtleneck top.


Enhance your look with the transparent design of this tee.


This top is versatile and can be worn for various occasions.


Experience high-quality with the polyester and cotton blend material.

attention to detail

The attention to detail in the lace decorations sets this top apart.


Unleash your stylish side with this bold and fashionable turtleneck top.

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