Russian Fluffy Mink Eyelashes: Handcrafted, Reusable, Versatile Beauty

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Style: 10PairsCD01
Length: Lashes

Russian Fluffy Mink Eyelashes: Handcrafted, Reusable, Versatile Beauty

Handcrafted Excellence

Key Features: Meticulously handcrafted for superior quality

Reusable Beauty

Benefits: Can be reused up to 10 times or more, providing long-lasting value

Versatile Style

Unique Selling Point: Perfect for various occasions such as parties, weddings, or everyday use, enhancing your look effortlessly

3D Fluffy Design

Product Essence: Offers a full, super soft, and wispy fluffy appearance that adds volume and depth to your eyes

Cruelty-Free Materials

Appeal: Made from 100% cruelty-free faux mink materials, providing a guilt-free way to enhance your lashes beautifully

Wide Range of Styles

Functionality: Choose from natural long, full strip lashes, and more, catering to different preferences

Wholesale Options Available

Benefits: Enjoy the convenience of wholesale prices for stocking up or starting your own lash business

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Style: 10PairsCD01
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