Fruit Essential Oil Aroma Concentrate - Therapeutic Aromatherapy Blend

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Fruit Essential Oil Aroma Concentrate - Therapeutic Aromatherapy Blend

Key Features:

  • Therapeutic Grade: Experience top-quality aromatherapy
  • Concentrated Authenticity: 8x more potent than regular oils
  • Pure and Potent: Free from additives for maximum effectiveness
  • Protection Against UV Rays: Bottled in amber glass for long-lasting freshness
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for diffusers, humidifiers, candles, and more
  • Authentic Aromatherapy: Crafted with pure, natural ingredients
  • Enhanced Well-being: Independently tested for superior quality
  • Scent Marketing: Perfect for creating a calming atmosphere
  • Eliminates Odors: Freshens the air and uplifts the mood
  • Precise Application: Comes with a dropper for accurate use

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