Poseidon Pro Tattoo Cartridge Needles - Sterile Disposable Pack

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Style: 50PCS-MIX1

Poseidon Pro Tattoo Cartridge Needles - Sterile Disposable Pack

Upgrade your tattooing experience with the 50PCS POSEIDON Mixed Professional Tattoo Cartridge Needles. This sterilized disposable value pack offers:

  • Cost-Saving Advantage: Set of 50PCS needles for a 35% cost-saving
  • Sterile and Safe: Crafted from 316 stainless steel, EO Gas sterilized
  • Anti-Backflow Design: Prevents backflow for uninterrupted work
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Fits all rotary standard cartridge tattoo machines
  • Quick Assembly: Easy twisting for quick setup
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Hassle-free Replacements: Refunds or replacements for peace of mind

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