Silicone Travel Bottle Kit: Ultimate Leakproof Toiletry Containers

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Style: green 30ml

Silicone Travel Bottle Kit: Ultimate Leakproof Toiletry Containers

Main Features:

  • Leakproof Design: Travel with confidence knowing your toiletries won't spill or leak.
  • Refillable & Reusable: Reduce environmental impact by reusing these bottles.
  • Versatile Capacities: Available in 30ml, 60ml, and 90ml capacities for various products.
  • Premium Silicone Material: High-quality silicone for durability.
  • Compact & Easy to Pack: Perfect for saving luggage space.


  • Leakproof and spill-proof design.
  • Environmentally friendly and reusable.
  • Convenient sizes for different toiletries.
  • Durable and long-lasting material.
  • Space-saving and easy to pack.


The flexible squeeze tube design ensures easy dispensing without any mess. Ideal for hassle-free and organized travel.


Say goodbye to bulky containers and hello to streamlined convenience with our Silicone Travel Bottle Set.

Key Features:

  1. Leakproof
  2. Refillable
  3. Versatile
  4. Premium Silicone
  5. Compact


Elevate your travel experience with the sustainability and practicality of our Silicone Travel Bottle Set.

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Style: green 30ml

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