Glamorous Handmade Synthetic False Eyelashes: Enhance Your Natural Look

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Style: 10 pairs 3D-54

Glamorous Handmade Synthetic False Eyelashes: Enhance Your Natural Look

Key Features:

  • Handmade: Crafted with precision
  • Synthetic False Eyelashes: High-quality material
  • Stunning Makeup: Enhance your beauty
  • Natural Look: Blend seamlessly
  • Enhance Length and Volume: Fuller lashes
  • Comfortable to Wear: Gentle on your eyes
  • Value Set of 10 Pairs: Variety and quality
  • Easy to Apply: Effortless beauty routine
  • High-Grade Synthetic Material: Durable and authentic
  • Authentic Look: Natural appearance


  • Enhances natural length and volume
  • Provides a stunning effect
  • Comfortable and painless wear
  • Value set offers variety and quality
  • Easy application for effortless beauty
  • Authentic look with texture and shine
  • Dramatic effect for a lasting impact

Unleash your inner diva with these glamorous handmade synthetic false eyelashes. Crafted with synthetic hair, these lashes provide a stunning effect by enhancing natural length and volume. The soft cotton band ensures a comfortable and painless wear. This value set includes 10 pairs for variety and quality. Easy to apply, these eyelashes are handmade for effortless application. Made of high-grade synthetic material, they offer an authentic look with texture and shine. Achieve a dramatic effect for a long-lasting impact, making a statement with a lasting impression. Explore more false eyelashes here.

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Style: 10 pairs 3D-54

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