Green Scalp Massager Hair Brush - Detangle & Style with Ease

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Style: Mr-7773GR(GREEN)

Green Scalp Massager Hair Brush - Detangle & Style with Ease

Key Features:

  • Scalp Massage: Experience ultimate relaxation and enhanced blood circulation.
  • Fast Blow Drying: Quick and efficient blow-drying.
  • Wet & Dry Use: Versatile design for various hairstyling needs.
  • Hollow Out Design: Pain-free detangling without pulling or tugging.
  • Functionality and Luxury: Practicality and comfort combined in one tool.
  • Hair Growth: Promotes healthier, vibrant hair growth through enhanced circulation.


  • Ultimate Hair Care Tool: Transform your hair care routine.
  • Fast Detangling & Styling: Effortlessly detangle and style your hair.
  • MR.GREEN Hair Brush: Elevate your hair care experience.
  • Hair Styling Tool: Efficient styling with a touch of luxury.
  • Hair Care Necessities: Accommodates all your hair care needs with ease.

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Style: Mr-7773GR(GREEN)

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