LANBENA Clear Skin Blackhead Removal Kit

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LANBENA Clear Skin Blackhead Removal Kit

Main Features:

  • Deep Cleaning: Expertly designed to extract blackheads and impurities lodged deep within your pores.
  • Acne Treatment: Not only removes blackheads but also aids in treating acne and averting future breakouts.
  • Oil-control: Regulates excessive oil production, maintaining a balanced and healthy skin complexion.
  • Shrinking Pore: Helps to reduce the visibility of pores, bestowing a smoother and refined skin texture.

Product Details:

  • Net Weight: 30g
  • Number of Pieces: 60 Pcs Tissues
  • Suitable Skin: Compatible with all skin types (excluding sensitive skin)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

How To Use:

Apply on a dry and cleansed face. Distribute evenly across the face or target specific areas. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes until completely dry. Gently peel off the mask from the bottom upwards. Follow with your regular skincare routine.

Upgrade your skincare routine with the LANBENA Blackhead Removal Kit for Clearer Skin. Attain beautifully clear and healthy skin with ease.

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Color: 1set
Ships From: CHINA

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