Real Precision Tattoo Cartridge Set: High-Quality Professional Kit

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Style: 9RS 0.35 mm

Real Precision Tattoo Cartridge Set: High-Quality Professional Kit

Key Features:

  • Precise Positioning System: Ensures exact movement for pixel-perfect results.
  • Light Body with Enhanced Visibility: Transparent design for better visibility and enhanced precision.
  • Safety Membrane: Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas for 100% safety and cleanliness.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: 10 Pcs/Box
  • Compatibility: Works with all standard cartridge systems.
  • Innovative Design: Low-profile housing for better ink flow and storage.
  • Clean and Safe: Individually packaged and sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO) gas.

Step into the world of precision and safety with the Real Precision Tattoo Needle Cartridge Set - an unmatched blend of high-quality and performance for professional tattoo artists. These needle cartridges are not just tools, but a remarkable innovation in the realm of tattoo supplies. Engineered meticulously for professionals who prefer quality and precision, these needle cartridges raise the bar for tattoo equipment performance.

Upgrade your tattooing experience with the INKIN Real Safety Tattoo Needle Cartridge. Achieve precise lines and shading effortlessly, thanks to the advanced technology and thoughtful design of these cartridges. Welcome to INKIN, where quality and innovation meet!


Professional Kit
High-Quality Professional Kit Precision Safety Innovation Visibility Cleanliness Compatibility Technology

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Style: 9RS 0.35 mm

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