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High Quality Business Cotton Socks Set - Black & White Sizes US7-14

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Color: Dark Gray
Size: EU42-47(US8.5-12)

High Quality Business Cotton Socks Set - Black & White Sizes US7-14


Comfort and style combined in a set of 5 all-season high quality cotton socks suitable for business attire in timeless black and white colors.

Key Features

  • High Quality: Expertly designed for durability and stretch.
  • Business Attire: Perfect for casual and business wear with a crew height design.
  • Set of 5: Convenient package for variety.
  • Black & White: Timeless colors suitable for any wardrobe.
  • US7-14 Sizes: Fits a range of foot sizes for ultimate comfort.
  • All-Season: Versatile for summer and winter wear.
  • Comfortable Fit: Keeps your feet snug and dry.
  • Quick-Drying: Helps maintain foot freshness.
  • Durable Material: Cotton and Spandex blend for long-lasting wear.


Experience unparalleled quality and comfort with the HSS 2024 Men's Socks. Upgrade your wardrobe with these high-quality cotton socks that ensure your feet stay dry, snug, and stylish throughout the year.


These socks are designed to elevate your comfort and style game, offering a perfect fit for various foot sizes and a blend of materials that prioritize durability and stretch.


Whether you're dressing up for a business meeting or keeping it casual, these socks provide the versatility and comfort you need to step confidently in any season.

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