Felt Handbag Organizer & Wallet Insert - Stylish Organization Solution

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Color: black
Size: 30X16X16CM

Felt Handbag Organizer & Wallet Insert - Stylish Organization Solution

Felt Insert Bag & Wallet Organizer for Handbag

HHYUKIMI Brand Versatile Use High-Quality Felt Fabric 13 Pocket Design Detachable Pocket Sturdy Metal Zipper Lightweight and Durable Efficient Organization Chic Color Options Long Felt Key Chain Perfect Fit Guarantee

Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: Fits various brands of handbags
  • High-Quality Felt Fabric: Soft, lightweight, and durable
  • 13 Pocket Design: 3 exterior pockets, 10 interior pockets
  • Detachable Pocket: Can be used as a separate wallet
  • Sturdy Metal Zipper: Smooth and secure closure
  • Efficient Organization: Everything has its place
  • Chic Color Options: Beige, Red, Black, and Rosy
  • Long Felt Key Chain: Never misplace your keys
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee: Use provided size chart
  • Enhance Daily Organization: Structured and clutter-free lifestyle


  • Effortlessly enhances daily organization
  • Crafted from high-quality, durable felt fabric
  • Sturdy metal zipper for secure closure
  • Multiple compartments for efficient organization
  • Detachable pocket adds functionality
  • Chic color options to reflect personal style
  • Long felt key chain for easy key access
  • Perfect fit guarantee for your handbag
  • Stylish and effortless organization solution


  • Stylish and practical handbag organizer
  • Enhances daily routines with efficient organization
  • Available in chic color options to suit personal style
  • Durable and lightweight construction for long-lasting use
  • Perfect for travel and everyday use


  • Efficiently organizes essentials in handbag
  • Converts into a separate wallet for versatility
  • Secure closure with a sturdy metal zipper
  • Ensures keys are always within reach with a long felt key chain
  • Provides a clutter-free and structured lifestyle

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Color: black
Size: 30X16X16CM

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