Effortless Waves & Curls Set: Beautiful Heatless Styling Tools

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Style: Type A-Black

Effortless Waves & Curls Set: Beautiful Heatless Styling Tools

Heatless Curls Hair Styling Set - Effortless Curling Tools for Beautiful Waves and Bouncy Curls Introducing the Heatless Curls Hair Styling Set, your ultimate solution for achieving gorgeous, bouncy curls and stunning waves effortlessly. Specially designed to keep your hair healthy, our styling set eliminates the need for heat, allowing you to create beautiful hairstyles without causing damage to your hair.

Key Features:

  • Inclusive Set: bendy rollers foam rods magic hairdresser tool
  • No Heat Required: Create beautiful curls and waves without the use of heat
  • Perfect for Long Hair: Gentle on locks and suitable for long hair
  • Stunning Styles: Achieve waves, curls, or coils


  • Healthy Hair: Preserve hair health and integrity
  • Easy-to-Use: Simple tools for effortless styling
  • Versatile: Suitable for various hairstyles


  1. Create heatless curls
  2. Use as hair rollers
  3. Enhance your curly hair look
  4. Achieve beautiful wave formers

The Heatless Curls Hair Styling Set is brought to you by CHFENGASQ, a renowned brand based in Mainland China. The set includes one hair curler, two bendy rollers, and one clip, all made of gentle foam material. With an impressive size of 88cm, these hair accessories are designed to suit long hair.

Unleash the versatility of your curly hair look with this fantastic hair accessories set! Say goodbye to heat damage and hello to effortlessly chic curls and waves with our Heatless Curls Hair Styling Set.

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Style: Type A-Black

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