Luxury 3D Mink Lashes: Premium Eyelashes - Hypoallergenic, Various Styles

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Style: 1 pair-D-S01

Luxury 3D Mink Lashes: Premium Eyelashes - Hypoallergenic, Various Styles

Product Essence: Luxurious Handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes

  • Key Features:
  • Handcrafted from premium real mink hairs
  • Reusable & Hypoallergenic
  • Various Styles available
  • Full Volume & Super Long for dramatic glamour
  • Soft Cotton Band for comfort
  • Multi-use & Versatile for various occasions
  • Quick Shipping within 48 hours

Handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes

Premium Quality Eyelashes

Reusable & Hypoallergenic

Various Styles

Full Volume & Super Long

Soft Cotton Band

Multi-use & Versatile

Quick Shipping

Luxury Lashes

Dramatic Glamour

Benefits: Indulge in opulence with safe, cruelty-free lashes for sensitive eyes, suitable for any occasion.

Functionality: Perfect for parties, events, performances, or a night out, ensuring a stunning and seamless application.

Appeal: High-quality, luxurious mink lashes that offer comfort, style, and convenience with quick shipping.

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Style: 1 pair-D-S01

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