Dental Mirror Set: Upgrade Your Oral Imaging Experience

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Style: Defog Machine2Mirror

Dental Mirror Set: Upgrade Your Oral Imaging Experience

Key Features:

  • Fog-Free Mirror Set: Prevents mirror fogging caused by breath
  • Enhanced Brightness: Ensures clear imaging
  • Ghosting Elimination: Provides precise results
  • Stainless Steel Reflectors: Includes four types for various dental photography needs
  • LED Lights: Utilizes high-quality lights for optimal visibility


  • Clear Oral Photography: Enhanced brightness and ghosting elimination
  • Orthodontic Imaging: Precise results for orthodontic procedures
  • Anti-Fogging Performance: Reliable performance for clear imaging
  • Convenient Charging: USB interface for easy charging


Upgrade your dental photography and orthodontic imaging experience with this FDA-approved mirror set. The fog-free feature, LED lights, and stainless steel reflectors cater to various dental imaging needs, providing clear and precise results.

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Style: Defog Machine2Mirror

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