Abdominal Gel Pad Set: Enhance EMS Training Stimulation

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Color: 10PCS

Abdominal Gel Pad Set: Enhance EMS Training Stimulation

Key Features:

  • Accessory for EMS AB Trainer
  • Hydrogel gel sheets ensure optimal conduction performance
  • Adhesive surface maintains stickiness
  • Replacement pads for abs stimulator

How to use:

  • Remove from packing bag
  • Tear off protective film
  • Attach to equipment correctly
  • Confirm position and stick


  • Enhance your EMS training with these hydrogel stickers that provide optimal conduction for muscle stimulation


  • Easy-to-use and convenient replacement pads for your muscle stimulator machine


  • Ensures proper adhesion and conductivity during your abdominal muscle training sessions


  • Boost the effectiveness of your EMS trainer with these high-quality gel pad stickers

Packaging Information:

  • 2PCS per bag (1 pair included)
  • Packed by safety bubble bag

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Color: 10PCS

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