Eye Gel Patches for Expert Eyelash Extension Precision

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Color: 50PCS-Black

Eye Gel Patches for Expert Eyelash Extension Precision

Key Features:

  • Brand Name: GUGCGV
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Package Quantity: A combo of 50 Pairs of Eyelash Stickers


  • Precise eyelash application
  • Separates and stabilizes individual eyelashes
  • Rigorous disinfection for health and safety
  • Customization option for bulk orders

Application Guide:

Ensure your face is thoroughly clean and dry. Remove the patch from the plastic liner. Apply the patch under your eyes during the eyelash extension application. Once done, gently remove the patch starting from the edges.


  • Precise application tool
  • Enhanced eyelash extension experience
  • Professional and enthusiast-friendly

Explore our product here for a top-notch eyelash extension application!

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