Disposable Tattoo Cartridge Filter Pen Sleeves: Enhanced Hygiene Solution

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Color: 50pcs Blue

Disposable Tattoo Cartridge Filter Pen Sleeves: Enhanced Hygiene Solution

Key Features:

  • Hygienic: Enhanced tattooing process
  • Cleanliness: Practical and invaluable
  • Cost-effective: Solution with high-quality plastic
  • Protective: Barrier for tattoo pen
  • Comfortable fit: 16cm x 5cm size


  • Enhanced Hygiene: Disposable plastic sleeves
  • Convenience: One-time use nature
  • Reliable: Originating from Mainland China
  • Essential: Tattoo Machine Cord Covers included
  • Clean Environment: Promotes utmost hygiene


Experience an enhanced tattooing process with our Disposable Tattoo Cartridge Filter Pen Sleeves, designed with hygiene and cleanliness in mind. These tattoo machine accessories are not only practical but also an invaluable addition to any professional tattoo artist's toolkit.


Each pack includes either 50 or 100 disposable plastic sleeves, providing a convenient yet cost-effective solution to maintaining a sterile work environment. Made from high-quality plastic, these sleeves serve as a protective barrier for your tattoo pen, safeguarding it against contamination. The 16cm x 5cm size of these sleeves ensures a comfortable fit for most tattoo pens, making them an ideal choice for professionals.


Originating from Mainland China, these sleeves are part of the NoEnName_Null brand's line of quality tattoo accessories.

Disposable Nature:

Our product also includes Tattoo Machine Cord Covers, enhancing the protection offered to your tattoo machine. These sleeves are disposable, emphasizing their one-time use nature that promotes utmost hygiene and cleanliness.

Hygiene Solution:

Ensure a sterile and clean tattooing environment with these Disposable Tattoo Cartridge Filter Pen Sleeves. They are a reliable and essential addition that every professional tattoo artist should consider.

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Color: 50pcs Blue

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