Nail File Set: Ultimate Professional-Grade Care Kit

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Color: 5 Pcs Mix

Nail File Set: Ultimate Professional-Grade Care Kit

Key Features:

  • Nail File Variety Set: 5 Pieces with Different Grits
  • Premium Nail Care Kit: Enhance Your Nail Care Routine with Precision
  • Professional-Grade Nail Files: High-Quality Acrylic Sandpaper Surface
  • Layers of EVA Sponge and PP Plastic: For Enhanced Durability
  • Compact Size: For Easy Handling
  • Essential for: Manicures, Pedicures, and Salon Treatments
  • Must-Have: For Nail Technicians and DIY Enthusiasts


  • Optimal Performance: Crafted from high-quality acrylic with a sandpaper surface
  • Versatile: Perfect for natural nails, false nails, and extensions
  • Precise Filing: Compact size allows for precise filing
  • Multi-Purpose: Essential for manicures, pedicures, salon treatments, woodworking, and nail beauty


  • For Professionals: Nail technicians, salon professionals
  • For Enthusiasts: DIY nail care enthusiasts


  • Discover: The ultimate nail care companion

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Color: 5 Pcs Mix

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