Glitter Ombre False Nails Set with Jelly Adhesive: Glamorous Nail Makeover

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Color: AA1

Glitter Ombre False Nails Set with Jelly Adhesive: Glamorous Nail Makeover

Glittery Ombre False Nails Set with Jelly Adhesive - 24 Pieces Welcome a world of style and sophistication to your fingertips with our Glittery Ombre False Nails Set. Say goodbye to regular salon visits and embrace the ease of achieving professionally finished nails right at home. This set is all about delivering an unforgettable look that is not only stunning but also easy to maintain.

  • Jelly Adhesive: The included adhesive ensures your false nails stay in place for an extended period, giving you the freedom to flaunt your fabulous nails without worry.
  • Glitter Gradient Design: The glittery ombre design adds a touch of glamour to your everyday look. The gradient effect transitions beautifully, making your nails a real conversation piece.
  • Detachable: These false nails are designed to be removed with ease, ensuring no damage to your natural nails while maintaining an elegant look.
  • Full Cover: Our nails deliver complete coverage, resulting in a sophisticated and polished finish that elevates your overall appearance.
  • Press-on Nails: Say goodbye to time-consuming applications. Our press-on nails offer a quick and hassle-free beauty transformation, perfect for those on-the-go or simply looking for an effortless style upgrade.
  • Ballerina False Nails: Crafted with precision from high-quality ABS material, making them an essential accessory for any nail aficionado. They are versatile enough to work with gel, acrylic, or fiberglass treatments, making them an excellent choice for all your nail needs.

Package Includes: 24pcs of False Nail Tips and jelly stickers for a complete nail makeover experience.


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