Halloween White Cosplay Eyelashes with Wispy Natural Soft Lash

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Style: 2 Pairs

Halloween White Cosplay Eyelashes with Wispy Natural Soft Lash

Key Features:

  • Upper & Lower Eyelashes Extension
  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Natural Wispy Lash Extension
  • Reusable & Easy to Remove
  • High-Quality PBT Silk Material
  • Dramatic Effect
  • 2 Sets Included
  • Perfect for Halloween Parties
  • Ideal for Cosplay Events
  • Comfortable to Wear

Product Essence:

Step into the spirit of Halloween with our Halloween Costume Party White Cosplay Fake Eyelashes. They are perfect for enhancing your costume or cosplay look, adding a unique and creative touch to your appearance. These eyelashes boast a striking white color, making them an ideal accessory for those looking to stand out at Costume parties or Cosplay events. Crafted from High-Quality PBT Silk, these lashes are not just stunning but are also incredibly comfortable to wear. Experience a seamless blend of style and comfort with our white cosplay fake eyelashes. Whether you're gearing up for a Halloween party, a cosplay event, or simply love the dramatic effect of white lashes, our product is sure to impress.


Perfect for Halloween parties and cosplay events, these white cosplay eyelashes offer a dramatic and unique look that is comfortable to wear.


These eyelashes provide an easy way to enhance your costume or cosplay outfit with their natural wispy lash extension and lightweight design. The reusable feature adds value, and the high-quality silk material ensures a comfortable fit.

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Style: 2 Pairs

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