Spooky Spider & Scar Halloween Tattoo Set: Haunting & reusable designs for chilling makeup.

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Style: Scar

Spooky Spider & Scar Halloween Tattoo Set

Main Features:

  • 10 sheets of reusable Temporary Tattoo Stickers
  • Environmentally-friendly materials: water transfer paper, ink, glue, and PET protective film
  • Easy application: transfer the pattern onto the skin using water
  • Frightening design of a Spider and Scar Mask

Key Features:

  • Spooky Halloween Spider and Scar Tattoo Sticker Set
  • Reusable Temporary Tattoos
  • Environmentally-friendly Materials
  • Easy Application
  • Frightening Design
  • Halloween Look
  • Chilling Makeup
  • Haunting Designs

Find this spooky Halloween set here.

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